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Where we turn the selling of your home from a daunting task into a profitable and rewarding experience. We understand the challenges and frustrations that can arise when trying to sell a property. That’s why we’re here to make your life easier. With our expert staging services, we help you showcase your home’s true potential, creating an irresistible space that captures the hearts of potential buyers. From decluttering and organizing to enhancing curb appeal and creating captivating interiors, we take care of every detail. We’re here to transform your home into a buyer’s dream, ensuring it stands out from the competition. Say goodbye to lengthy listing times and disappointing offers.

With Treasure Coast Home Staging by your side, selling your home with maximum profit in mind has never been easier. Let’s make your home the talk of the town. Home staging helps ensure your property is set to sell in a shorter period of time, with the best return on investment. 

Occupied Home Staging

Are you struggling to sell your home while still living in it? Finding it challenging to strike a balance between maintaining your daily life and creating a captivating space for potential buyers?

Vacant Home Staging

Ready to sell your vacant property? Discover the secret to capturing buyers’ attention and maximizing your selling potential. Our Vacant Home Staging services are here to transform your empty space into a captivating haven that leaves a lasting impression.


Are you feeling overwhelmed by the daunting task of redesigning a room in your home? Want to bring your vision to life while ensuring functionality and style? Perhaps you have a room that lacks function and flow or simply needs a touch of inspiration to make it truly lovable. 


When shopping for an area rug, people look at style and color more than the actual size. What most people don’t understand is that the size of the area rug can change the dynamics of an entire room. Let’s take the living room for example, a 5 x 8 rug and an 8 x 10 can...

The Power of White Paint: Elevating Your Home with Treasure Coast Home Staging Paint Selection 

When it comes to transforming your living space, nothing quite compares to the magic of the right white paint. At Treasure Coast Home Staging, we understand that choosing the perfect shade of white involves careful consideration of several factors. Whether you want to...
As a real estate Broker, I have known Sabrina now for many years. I was happy to hear the news of her new company, Treasure Coast Home Staging & Design. Having worked with Sabrina recently, her company offers 5-star service and expertise that is second to none. This is the perfect company to benefit Realtors and their clients for home staging. Treasure Coast Home Staging & Design can position properties to sell more quickly, which in turn benefits sellers in our ever-changing market. Sabrina and her staff offer great care to each client she serves with professionalism, knowledge, and expertise of interior decorating. She also transformed my home from ho hum to a show place. Thank you Sabrina!
Rose Miller, Limited Edition International Realty

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