When shopping for an area rug, people look at style and color more than the actual size.

What most people don’t understand is that the size of the area rug can change the dynamics of an entire room. Let’s take the living room for example, a 5 x 8 rug and an 8 x 10 can both fit nicely but if the rug is placed properly the 8 x 10 makes the room appear larger than the 5 x 7. When you have a large room with many functions a rug can help divide sections of the room perfectly.

When selecting a rug for the dining room the rule of thumb is to have 2 feet on all 4 sides of your table to make it comfortable to push your chairs out without coming off the area rug. So, it is best to measure the tabletop and add 2 feet to each side. This formula will help with both the look as well as the ease of exiting your dining chair. Typically, your rug should be either an 8 x 10 or 9 x 12. When purchasing your rug remember the rule of thumb that you should have 18 inches of bare floor exposed on all 4 sides of the rug.

For Bedrooms there are generally two different approaches. Rugs can be placed around the bed, for example a runner on each side and a larger rug at the foot of the bed, or a rug placed horizontally under the bed with part of the rug exposed on both sides. When using the one large rug you can use several different sizes from a 5 x 8 to a 9 x 12 keeping in mind the size of the bed and the size of the room.

The impact of the proper size rug is most important along with the color and style of your choosing. Here at Treasure Coast Home Staging, we would be happy to assist you in choosing the proper size, style, and color for your home.

I have included a  chart that will serve as a guide to help you select the proper size rug for your rooms.

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